ADI Meetings

Task Force Writing Workshop: 27-29 June 2012 (Boulder, CO)

The ADI Task Force held a small three-day meeting on 27-29 June 2012 at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in Boulder, Colorado to finalize the ADI Task Force Report. The final report is being developed to NSF, the broader scientific community, and others, and it will summarize recommendations for the next steps in optimizing, coordinating, and enhancing the existing components of an international arctic environmental observing system, with emphasis on the U.S. AON. The report is expected to be completed early fall 2012.

The goals of the ADI Task Force writing workshop were to (1) jointly review the recently completed ADI Task Force community survey, (2) discuss and evaluate in the context of ADI two case studies that can provide further guidance on observing system design and implementation, and (3) synthesize and jointly review the available documentation and draft sections of the report that address the ADI goals, thereby allowing a small writing team to complete the report shortly after the workshop.

ADI Task Force Writing Workshop Agenda (PDF - 248 K)

ADI Task Force Writing Workshop Participant List (PDF - 112 K)


Hajo Eicken - Introduction (PDF - 8 M)

Hajo Eicken - Science questions (PDF - 225 K)

Jennifer Francis - Lessons learned from the Freshwater Initiative (PDF - 19 M)

Lawrence Hamilton and Olivia Lee - ADI Survey: Responses to fixed-choice questions (PDF - 697 K)

Dmitri Nechaev - Toward optimization of observational arrays in the Arctic Ocean (PDF - 5 M)

Jim Overland - Seasonal and interannual scale prediction of sea ice: Lessons from SIO (PDF - 3 M)

John Van Decastle - Biodiversity monitoring programs and lessons for observing system design (PDF - 6 M)

John Van Decastle - Ecosystem services and observing system design (PDF - 4 M)

John Walsh - Review of the state and trajectory of the current AON in relation to key science questions (PDF - 50 K)

Task Force Meeting: 17 March 2010 (Miami, FL)

ADI Task Force Meeting Agenda (PDF - 197 K)
ADI Task Force Meeting Notes (PDF - 57 K)

First ADI Workshop: 2-4 December 2009 (Boulder, CO)

ADI 2009 Workshop Agenda (PDF - 224 K)
ADI 2009 Workshop Participant List (PDF - 920 K)
ADI 2009 Workshop Draft Summary (PDF - 72 K)