Arctic Open Science/Policy Meeting

In collaboration with the Wilson Center and other partners, SEARCH will convene an open science meeting in 2019. Like the SEARCH Open Science Meeting in 2003 and the State of the Arctic Meeting in 2010, Arctic Futures 2050 Open Science/Policy Meeting is intended to identify future directions for Arctic research. Like those meetings, Arctic Futures 2050, will bring together scientists to share the latest understanding and emerging science concerning environmental change in the Arctic. Arctic Futures 2050, however, will go further in identifying future research directions by expanding participation to include policy-makers. The goal is to inform policy with science, and doing so effectively will require forming lasting collaborations between researchers and policy-makers. The policy-makers will be active participants in the meeting to ensure that research intended to inform policy is framed to maximize its utility. Meeting themes will be build around plausible futures and policy-relevant science questions derived from the Arctic Futures Scenarios Workshop.

SEARCH seeks partner organizations to help plan and fund the Arctic Futures 2050 Open Science/Policy Meeting. For more information contact: Brendan P. Kelly, SEARCH Executive Director (bpkelly [at]