Meeting Dates & Times
Friday, 20 April: There will be a scenarios open break-out session at the Arctic Encounter Symposium from 11:00am – 12:30pm. If you are not planning to attend the full Symposium, please contact Brit Myers (brit [at] arcus.org) to arrange for entry. If you plan to attend the full Symposium, registration is available at: http://www.arcticencounter.com/. Early bird registration ends on March 19th.
Saturday, 21 April: 8:30am – 5:30pm (Saturday and Sunday sessions are invitation only)
Sunday, 22 April: 8:30am – 1:00pm

Meeting Location
Bell Harbor International Conference Center - 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66 - Seattle, WA 98121
The break-out session on Friday, 20 April will take place in the Marina Room. The main workshop on 21-22 April will take place in the Cove Room.
Map, Directions & Parking Information

Hotel Room Block
The Edgewater Hotel - 2411 Alaskan Way, Seattle WA 98121
Map & Directions

A limited number of rooms at a reduced rate have been reserved for workshop participants at the Edgewater Hotel. Please contact Brit Myers (brit [at] arcus.org) to arrange a booking; reservations are due before 19 March. If SEARCH is supporting your hotel costs, you must use this room block or else make arrangements in advance with us.

For workshop participants arranging their own lodging, there are many hotels in the downtown Seattle area for attendees to choose from with varying price points. The two nearest hotels to the Bell Harbor Conference Center are the Marriott Waterfront (across the street from venue) and the Edgewater Hotel (next door to venue). If you would like additional hotel recommendations or have questions, please contact Brit Myers (brit [at] arcus.org)

Ground Transportation
A number of ground transportation options are available for travel to and around Seattle.

Provided Meals
A light continental breakfast will be provided to workshop participants on Saturday, 21 April and Sunday, 22 April. Lunch will also be catered on Saturday, 21 April. If you have special dietary restrictions that we can help accommodate, please contact Brit Myers (brit [at] arcus.org).

Travel Support Request
If you will not be able to attend the workshop without travel support, please let both Brendan Kelly (bpkelly [at] alaska.edu) and Brit Myers (brit [at] arcus.org) know as soon as possible and no later than March 12th. We have limit​ed​ funding to support travel and are​ reserving it for those who would otherwise not be able to participate. Please let us know if any travel assistance is needed in advance of arranging your travel. Reimbursement can only be provided for pre-approved expenses.

For workshop participants receiving per diem support (please confirm in advance), meal per diems will be provided for your travel days and any meals that are not catered as part of the workshop. Meal reimbursement rates are based on the following GSA rates for Seattle, WA: Breakfast = $17, Lunch = $18, Dinner = $34.

If a meal is provided to participants as part of the meeting, you will not receive per diem for that meal. Instead you will be paid a pro-rated portion of the per diem for that day. You will receive two travel days: one traveling to and one from the meeting. On travel days, your per diem rate is based on the location you are traveling to. Travel days are paid at half-day of per diem if the scheduled travel time from departure origin time to destination arrival time is less than twelve 12 hours  airport to airport.  Travel time equal or greater than twelve 12 hours and foreign travel will be paid a full day per diem.

Receipts and Travel Reimbursement Paperwork
If you are receiving any travel reimbursement support for the workshop, you will be asked to complete a travel reimbursement form within 30 days of your travel. Please keep your flight boarding passes, ground transportation receipts (ARCUS will not be able to reimburse for hotel valet parking), and any additional receipts that you acquire for miscellaneous travel expenses. Receipts for meals or other purchased food items will not need to be submitted if you are receiving per diem support.

These documents will need to be submitted along with a completed Travel Reimbursement Request Form (attached below) to the ARCUS accounting office (3535 College Rd Suite 101, Fairbanks, AK, 99709-3710) no later than 30 days after the end of your travel. For more information about travel reimbursement policies, please see the guidelines attached below.