Workshop Overview

Dear Participant,

The Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) welcomes you to the Arctic Futures 2050 Scenarios Workshop in Seattle, Washington, 20 – 22 April 2018. The workshop is one part of SEARCH's effort to forge collaboration between Arctic scientists and policy makers (
Working with you, scientific and policy experts, the workshop will:

  • Survey your expertise on the changing social and environmental conditions of the Arctic likely to impact policy decisions
  • Learn what scenario outcomes are most plausible and consistent from the data you have provided the research team
  • Outline research questions that would need to be answered to address policy responses to the plausible scenarios
  • Consider next steps to inform Arctic policy with science.

You have been invited to participate because you have knowledge or expertise that can inform Arctic policy. For SEARCH, this scenarios effort will enable more effective long-term collaboration among Arctic researchers and policy makers at all levels of government.

Scenarios are an inclusive way of analyzing possible future events by considering alternative outcomes. Your active participation is important in helping us describe the research needed to inform policies for a healthy, sustainable Arctic through the year 2050 and beyond. Each invited participant will bring a unique perspective to the workshop, and it is imperative to respect your ideas and the ideas of others so that we have a comprehensive view of possible futures. Scenarios are not "visioning exercises" nor are they "planning processes." We will not be debating what should happen but discussing and exploring what COULD happen. The goal of scenarios are to give the participants and their organizations power to anticipate different futures and design research programs that will inform flexible strategies to reach long-term goals.