2003 OSM - Associated Meetings

Several meetings with varying degrees of association to SEARCH were planned in conjunction with the Open Science Meeting (OSM) in Seattle. These meetings listed below represented a variety of topical, organizational, and disciplinary foci.

Open Meetings:

HARC Patterns, Connections, and Methods Workshop

RAISE / LSI Science Steering Committee

Second International Conference for Arctic Research Planning (ICARP II) Town Meeting

Arctic Regional Reanalysis

Coordinated, Longer-term Observations in the Arctic Land-Ocean Zone

Arctic RIMS

SEARCH's Role in International Polar Year (IPY) 2007

BEST (Bering Ecosystem Study) Town Meeting

PACE (Polynyas in the Arctic's Changing Environment) Town Meeting

Arctic Freshwater Investigators Meeting

SEARCH International Implementation Forum

International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Pacific Arctic Group

Meetings By Invitation:

First Meeting of US-China Panel on Polar Science

ARCSS Committee Meeting

ICARP II Steering Group Meeting

SEARCH Science Steering Committee

Arctic Program Managers & Operators

AOSB Steering Group

Scaling in Terrestrial Ecological Research - USARC

Planning Meeting for the Development of a Circumarctic GIS

North Slope GIS - NSF

European Polar Board Meeting

Ecosystem Studies of SubArctic Seas (ESSAS)