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NEW: Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) Website
The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) is a newly funded project that will develop a collaborative network of scientists and stakeholders to advance research on sea ice prediction and communicate sea ice knowledge and tools. SIPN builds and expands on the Sea Ice Outlook. As part of SIPN, NSIDC has developed a website to provide access to datasets needed for initializing and evaluating hindcast results from predictive models and algorithms, and to support development of a common reference framework for key sea ice variables and integrated datasets.
NSIDC Transition to New 30-Year Baseline for Sea Ice Products
This webpage had details of the National Snow and Ice Data Center's (NSIDC) transition to a new 30-year baseline period for Sea Ice Index products. The new baseline is 1981-2010 (inclusive), replacing the previous 1979-2000 base period. This allows NSIDC to match current National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration and World Meteorological Organization standard baselines of 1981 to 2010 for weather and climate data.
Spring 2013 NASA IceBridge Sea Ice Freeboard, Snow Depth, and Thickness Quick Look Dataset
This dataset is an evaluation product containing derived geophysical data products retrieved over the arctic sea ice cover from 21 to 27 March and 22, 24 and 25 April 2013 using the IceBridge Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM), Snow Radar, Digital Mapping System (DMS), and KT19 pyrometer. This quick look product is experimental and is designed to be applicable for time-sensitive projects such as sea ice forecasting. The data were collected as part of the NASA Operation IceBridge Mission, are stored in ASCII text files, and are available through the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

2013 and 2012 Operation Ice Bridge Quick Look Sea Ice Products:

Operation IceBridge Data Portal (Full Dataset and Documentation):

2013 Barrow Airborne Sea Ice Thickness Surveys from the Integrated Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (SIZONET) Project
Helicopter-borne electromagnetic induction measurements (HEM) of ice thickness using the Alfred Wegener Institute's Multi-frequency Airborne Sea Ice Explorer (MAiSIE) in collaboration with the University of Alaska Fairbanks have been released in a preliminary, quicklook format. The HEM surveys include four profiles collected in the Chukchi and Beaufort Sea northwest, north and northeast of Barrow, Alaska between March 30 and April 3, 2013. Quicklook data are available through the Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data Information Service:


Data download:

SIZONET Project Website

Spring 2012 Ice Thickness and Snow Depth Data
This webpage provides access to early-release data sets on ice thickness, snow depth, and ice characteristics collected in March/April 2012 in the North American Arctic.
CRREL Arctic Sea Ice Mass Balance (IMB) Buoy Data
Data from this array of drifting buoys provide time series of snow accumulation and ablation, ice growth, ice surface and bottom melt, internal ice temperature fields, and temporally-averaged estimates of ocean heat flux, along with position, sea level pressure, and surface air temperature. These data enable the attribution of thermodynamic ice loss to surface or bottom forcing. Near-real time data from active buoys, including changes in the snow depth and ice thickness, are automatically updated at 0h00 and 12h00 UTC daily.
NSIDC/NIC Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH)
The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and the U.S. National Ice Center (NIC) offer a daily sea ice analysis product called the Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH), which draws on a multitude of data sources. You can view and download: Northern Hemisphere-wide sea ice coverage for latest day and the last four weeks; sea ice coverage by region; and a file of sea ice extent for the Northern Hemisphere and by region for the last four weeks, updated daily.
Ship Observations Reports
This website developed by Jenny Hutchings, University of Alaska Fairbanks, is a compilation of ship reports from arctic expeditions. Ship observations include those from the Healy, Polarstern, Xuelong, and Lance.
AWI Graph of Ice Thickness Initialization Field Used for Ensemble Simulations in 2010
This PDF document contains a graph and explanatory text of the ice thickness initialization field used for ensemble simulations in 2010, from Frank Kauker, Alfred Wegener Institute.
Download Graph and Description (2M - PDF)
AMSR Ice Maps
This website from the University of Bremen presents the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer's EOS (AMSR-E) sea ice concentrations calculated daily in near real time. The site also provides links to combined Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)-AMSR-E sea ice maps.
Arctic Sea-Ice Measurement Campaign Coordination
An international overview of where arctic researchers are collecting sea ice data over the summer
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis
This website provides extensive data discovery and access of sea ice-related datasets, data products, and collections, including sea ice images, trends and anomalies, and climatologies.
Canadian Ice Service
This website provides data on sea ice and climate in North American waters, including the Western Arctic, Eastern Arctic, Hudson Bay, Great Lakes, and the East Coast. Available data includes: prevailing ice conditions and weather, archives and seasonal summaries, ice cover graphs, and an annual arctic ice atlas.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Sea Ice Studies
This website contains sea ice field surveys and reports for the Beaufort Sea, the Canadian Archipelago, Labrador, Grand Banks, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with additional links to their Ocean Sciences Database and Marine Environmental Data Service.
National Ice Center
This website provides access to arcitc ice data by map region; users can create products on demand with the available data. Also included are ready-to-use data products, a data products archive, and links to polar science issues and tactical support.
The Cryosphere Today
This webpage by the Polar Research Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers daily images of the northern and southern hemisphere polar ice caps. An archive houses images from 1979 to the present. It includes links to animations, latest regional sea ice coverage and anomalies, and graphs detailing various states of the ice.
Arctic Sea Ice Maps and Graphs
A compiled list of daily-updated graphs and maps for monitoring arctic sea ice (extent, area, concentration, temps, webcams, etc.)
MODIS Mosaic of the Arctic
The MODIS Rapid Response System from NASA generates complete mosaic images of the Arctic every day from 18 March 2009 to the present.
Seasonal Climate Forecast from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center
This page displays seasonal climate anomalies from the National Centers for Environmental Protection (NCEP) coupled forecast system model version 2 (CFSv2).
Ocean and Sea Ice (OSI) Satellite Application Facilities (SAF)
Ice type maps for the northern hemisphere from OSI-SAF, a European consortium hosted by Meteo-France.
Center for Satellite Exploitation and Research (CERSAT) Sea Ice Concentration Maps
Daily and monthly sea ice concentration maps at 12.5 km resolution, with temporal coverage since 1991.
Hydrographic Data from Ice-Tethered Profilers
Observations from automated ice-tethered profilers with high-vertical resolution profiles of upper Arctic Ocean temperature and salinity in near real-time.
Hydrographic Data From Argo Profilers
Data from an array of temperature/salinity profiling floats, provided by the Coriolis data center; primarily covers the Nordic Seas and the northern North Atlantic Ocean.
Ensemble Forecasts of Arctic and Bering Sea Ice from the Polar Science Center
Two sea-ice forecasting websites developed by researchers at the Polar Science Center, including "Seasonal Ensemble Forecasts of Arctic Sea Ice" and "High-Resolution Hindcast and Ensemble Forecast of Sea Ice in the Bering Sea."